Who’s My Baby?

Had a nice weekend.  Babysat Saturday, Kane’s new house on Sunday. The kids came over Sunday night for our annual Oscar viewing party.  Every year we eat, watch the Oscars and compete on who picks the most winners.  Bailey won second year in a row.  The prize was three packages of Uncle Leo’s Hamburger. 🙂

Yesterday, Kris and I did our annual Guardian Report for Kathy.  Then Mom, Kris and I went to visit Kathy.  She was in a great mood.  Afterwards, we ran an errand and then stopped for lunch.  So the rest of my afternoon was me running with “issues”.  But it was a good day.

Matthias had a doctor appointment, that boy is growing fast. 🙂  Lisa took this picture of the boys at the appointment.

Brantley and Mathias at doctorLook at those rolls. LOL

I love my two baby boys, they are so sweet.  But I have another baby who is somewhat jealous of these two boys.  Rufus is very patient with Brantley and Matthias, but he thinks he is my one and only baby.  When Bailey and I were going home from Kane’s on Sunday, Rufus got into the car and sat in Brantley’s car seat.  He would not move.  So he rode in it half-way back to Silverton.  Then I guess he decided he was not comfortable and moved.  Rufus should know I have more than enough love to go around. 🙂

rufas in carseat


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