Bailey’s Wedding

Better late than never.  Over the next few weeks, I am going to post pictures of my daughter Bailey’s wedding.  I failed to do that at the time of her wedding.  In fact, I stopped blogging for a few months because I guess I went into heavy mourning.  When Michael died, it was 7 days before the wedding.  I had to set my anger and sadness aside to get my daughter prepared.  She was so close to Michael and did not care about her wedding that last week.  So I was determined to make it memorable for her.  So after the wedding, I allowed myself to fall apart and did not want to blog about things that seemed so unimportant while I was hurting.  But I did not want to not post about her wedding……and it was fabulous.  Here are a few pictures.  I will not post more consecutively.  I will just most more when the mood hits me.  I will start with my very favorite picture of the bride.

bailey, my favorite pictureShe was stunning

all flowersMy nieces did the flowers.  Oh my, they were beautiful.

bride and groom

 The Happy Couple.

rings This is the one picture Bailey wanted taken.  It is of her hand and ring along with mine and my mother’s.

ceremonyNot only did LL give the bride away, he also officiated.  He did a fabulous job.

weddingThe whole wedding party looked lovely.  And the setting of the ceremony could not have been more beautiful.

victoryThe groom feeling victorious.  They are really a wonderful couple.  I am so proud of both of them.  What a wonderful day it was.


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