Brantley, Movie, Chocolate….oh my

It has been a nice week.  Perfect mix of visiting family, getting things done around our home and splurging while LL is away.  Yesterday, I was fortunate to babysit my grandson Brantley for a little while.  Then Bailey and I ate dinner together while watching a chick flick favorite, Miss Congeniality. Bailey also made hand dipped strawberries and bananas in dark chocolate.  Brantley, movie, and chocolate……a day really can not get better. LOL

Today I will pick up my mom as usual at the hair salon in Woodburn, take her shopping.  I have some banking to do.  LL does not get home until around 7:00 this evening.  Mom and I have another movie we would like to watch before the Oscars on Sunday.  So maybe later today we will watch Dallas Buyers Club.

Saturday, my daughter-in-law Lisa’s grandma’s service takes place.  Instead of LL and I attending the service, Lisa has asked us to watch the boys, well for sure Brantley, at their apartment and then bring the boys to the church for the reception.  That makes sense.  Frees up Kane and Lisa during the emotional time of the service.

Sunday, I hope to help Kane and Lisa at their new home.  Not sure doing what, there is cleaning, painting, and watching the boys.  It would be nice if we all can get a lot done. Lisa will be moving things over all next week and they are hoping to move the rest next Saturday.  What a wonderful birthday present for Brantley.  He turns 2 on Sunday.  So a spacious home to live in will be wonderful for him.


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