Nebraska the movie

Last evening, Max and I went over to my mom’s to watch the movie Nebraska.


I thought the movie was wonderful.  It starts out in Butte, Montana and ends up in Nebraska.  The movie is shot in black and white.  Any other place in the country, I would have mourned the lack of vibrant color.  But black and white really works for this movie.  Lack of color somehow makes the characters more believable, like any of them could be your next door neighbor.  The scenery of the prairie along with the various salt-box homes, barns and sheds, small towns, all seem to be enhanced by the removal of color.

The story is a little more difficult to talk about.  Bruce Dern is masterful playing the main character.  Not very likeable, his wife also, but I found myself having more sympathy as the story unfolds, for both of them.  Will Forte was a very happy surprise in this movie.  I  have just seen him in Saturday Night Live as a sketch comedian.  So to my surprise, he was incredible as the son who sometimes loses his patience but always tries to do the right thing.  The story is bittersweet.  Not a feel-good movie, but not a total downer either.  Just a quiet movie with bits of humor, bits of sadness, and a perfect ending once you get to know the characters.  So I am giving this movie a thumbs up. 🙂


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