Nice Visit, Big Issue

Glad to have a day home today.  My house looks like a bomb went off.  In each and every room.  Mounds of laundry to fold, some to wash.  Kitchen that really needs a scrubbing, and I don’t even want to describe my bathrooms.  Rufus hair accumulating in the corners. So today is house cleaning day.  But this evening should be fun.  Max and I will head over to moms to rent a movie she and I both have been wanting to see…..Nebraska.  LL is out-of-town for three days.  When he is out-of-town, I usually spend one long day cleaning so I don’t feel guilty being lazy, reading, watching shows LL doesn’t like, and eating food that he wont touch.  Like sushi.

Yesterday was a long day for Mom and I.  I picked her up about 9:00.  We went to Portland to visit my Uncle Marcel who has been convalescing in a rehab facility.  Unfortunately I did not call before and when we arrived, he was at a doctor appointment.  So we went to a diner next door and ate breakfast.  BIG MISTAKE! I will tell you why in a minute.  Anyway, my uncle returned at about 11:45 and we had a nice visit with him.  We brought his dog for the visit. (Toby is staying at my mom’s).  So I think our visit brightened his day.  But remember I ate breakfast.  WHAT WAS I THINKING! I guess I wasn’t thinking.  All the way home I was in distress with impending “issues”.  Even stopped at a Starbucks to use the restroom and put on a diaper.  Well I got as far as Marcum and……lets just say it wasn’t pretty. While we were contained in the car, my mom took my accident in stride, but poor Toby, he may be scarred for life and perhaps he will never look at me so adoring in the future. LOL

Oh well, lesson learned. Never eat at a diner when I am over an hour away from home. 😦


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