Keep the Home Fire Burning

Holding vigil at home right now.  Yesterday, LL finally got home from Roseburg just long enough to pick me up and go to Portland.  We went to Oregon Health Science University.  We spent the evening with LL’s brother Monte and his family.  It had become clear to us that his time here on earth is nearly finished.  Before we left, we prayed and before I left the room, I went back one more time to just hold his hand for a few seconds.  Had a feeling it might be my last moment with him and it probably will be.

After a long day today trying to get him transported home, finally we switched ambulance providers and with the help of my brother David, Monte made it home.  He wants to be home.  He wants to be surrounded by his things, his family and not in a sterile hospital room.

LL is there with him tonight.  Not sure for how long.  LL is very sensitive in only wanting to be there if he can be comfort for Monte, Monte’s wife, and Monte’s kids.

So I am going to stay up as long as it takes.  Until LL comes home.  He might be home soon or he might not be home at all tonight.  Whatever it takes.  I just want to be awake in case he texts, calls, or gets home.  I love my brother-in-law and his family.  There is nothing I can do for them tonight. But I can be awake and ready for LL.

Hug your family often…..all the time.  Tell them you love them.  Makes all the difference.


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