Needing Some Heartlight

Blessings in life are so many.  I am proud to be a grandma for the second time.  Matthias Cole Allen Miller was born on January 29th.  I had the privilege of witnessing his birth.  What a miracle.  I will post a photo soon but want this post to be a catch-up on events post.

The fall went by pretty uneventful.  I did go to Reno with my family for a few days.  It was fun, but unfortunately my mom became ill and was in the hospital during that time.  Because of the altitude, it will likely be her last trip there.  Christmas came and went.  We kept the holidays very simple.  The New Year started out rough because my mom developed pneumonia and took a long time to recover.  I also spent most the month running to the phone every time it rang, hoping to hear that my grandson was on his way.  But right on time, his mom, Lisa, went into labor on the due date and had him at 1:01 am on the 29th.

I have been to a new specialist for my digestion.  I had great hopes of improvement, but so far, little progress has been made.  Max has been trying to be healthier and has lost 11 lbs so far as of last week.  Pretty proud of him.  We are now dealing with health issues for my sister Kathy.  Not ready to talk in detail about her but prayers are needed for her more than I can possibly say.  My brother-in-law cancer has spread and last week, he started radiation on his brain.  I guess my family needs prayers all around. 😦

Today, I am going to visit my sister Kathy, talk to her staff, and I hope to get copies of her labs and perhaps set up an appointment to talk to her doctor.  Then I hope to go visit Brantley and Matthias.  Matthias is being circumcised this morning, so he might not want grandma to hold him too much.  Then I will head over to my mom’s to see if she needs help with anything.

Tomorrow, I have a doctor appointment in Portland, my mom is having dental work, so when I am done with my appointment, I will spend the rest of day taking care of her.

I am hoping everyone’s health in the family improves in the next few weeks.  Especially Kathy’s and Monte’s.  I am looking forward to having a day soon that is filled with a lightness and joy of heart.


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