Changing Gears and Changing Back

What a weekend.  Normally I can not departmental my mind.  But I was able on Friday, block a bit of my grief of losing Michael and go into wedding mode.  Set up and rehearsal went great.  The wedding, even though the weather was iffy, ended up just how Bailey wanted.  We had so many friends and family help us make it a wonderful day…..and it was.

The next day, we had many people help us clean the venue up, and then meet and my house for an opening the gifts party.  All went very well.  Bailey and Rett left for their honeymoon this morning.  LL and I planned to go camping for three days but frankly, we are too tired and have too many loose ends to tie up. I.E. Return rental items, return Ice chests and other items to family friends, go to the dump with all the garbage.

We got a little done today, but something more important came up……my daughter-in-law and grandson came and spent most the day with us.  Which was wonderful.  I have not spent much time lately with them.  Maybe if we get everything done tomorrow morning, we will take Max to the beach for one night.  I am hoping so.

I will have such lovely pictures to post soon of the wedding.  But for the next few days, I am changing modes and letting myself, LL too, do some crying and grieving over the loss of my sweet nephew Michael.  I think I am still in a bit of denial.

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