Blogging and Stress Issues do not Mix.

I love to blog….I love to get my feelings out.  Talk about the goings on of my family, friends, community, etc.  But the reality is that this summer is strange, stressful and an anomaly.  The last few weeks have been busy.  Kane’s wedding, planning Bailey’s wedding, camping, losing family members and friends, and my digestive “issues”…..well I was thinking I might not be in the best state of mind to be unloading my “feelings”. LOL.

Kane and Lisa’s wedding was lovely.  Bailey’s wedding plans are coming along and although Bailey and I are not the best planners…I think we are doing a good job.  We have camped a couple of times since I blogged last but LL and I do not plan to camp again till after Bailey’s wedding.  Then we will spend as much time possible camping in August and I am sure to bore you with plenty of pictures after that.

Then there are my “issues”….Oh my ISSUES!  Besides Kane’s wedding and events connected with it, I have attended 3 showers for Bailey, and many shopping excursions that require fasting and eating one meal…etc.  My “issues” are in overdrive.  I can not eat anything without a reaction that is somewhat violent.  This last weekend I went to my daughters 3rd out of 4 bridal showers.  Before it started, I had an accident.  After it started..I had another accident.  Then all the close family and friends got together for a bite to eat and cocktails at local restaurant after the shower.  I had only water and within a half hour had to have LL come pick me up.  I was so embarrassed.

The next day I was still having “issues” but managed to make it to my Aunt Linda’s to look at a recliner couch.  I am so happy we got that from her, as with LL’s neck and arthritis, he has not been comfortable in our living room for a couple of years at least.  What a blessing.  But still I had “issues” at her place and on our way home, had to stop at my mom’s to use her bathroom.  Stress is very hard on the bowels. 😦  When I have these problems, even when the subside, I am so exhausted, so the rest of Sunday I slept.

Today I feel a bit better.  Went berry picking with Mom and Kris, went shopping afterwards with Kris and then have been cleaning.  So hopefully I am turning a corner and will have a few days of relief….A girl can dream. 🙂


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  1. I hope you get some relief soon. Try not to stress, I know its hard. Don’t be embarrassed your family and friends love you and understand.

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