Yikes…..Bad Me. Where did time go?

Yikes!  Did not mean to go so long without blogging.  Oh you know me….sometimes I am just not in the mood.  But not this time.  Just busy doing a little bit of this and that.  Camped over the last two weekends, have done a little wedding planning and a little wedding shopping. 😦 You know how I hate shopping but am trying to step up and be a good sport. LOL.  Worked around here a bit, etc. etc.  Nothing big, just a lot of this and that.

Today I am having “issues”.  I can not find my debit card, so I do need to go to the bank.  But beyond that, I don’t think I will get much done.  I don’t have bad days like this too often so I am not really complaining, just explaining. 🙂

I need to read a little today.  My book club has started reading Ernest Hemingway’s short stories so I need to finish the story I started.  A little surprised.  Don’t hold me to it, because it is a little early to say definitely.  But I think I might actually like his writing.

Guess I better get dressed and be ready.  When I think there is a good break in my bathroom runs, I am running to the bank.  Have a great day.


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