Oh What Fun

Oh what fun prepping for colonoscopy is.  NOT.  Been up most the night.  Finally got up for good at 3:30.  Getting a couple of cups of black coffee in before I have to drink another quart of crud.  Anyone that has had this procedure knows what I am talking about.  But for me, this also includes going through a dozen diapers. 😦  Not sure how I will make it all the way to Portland after this second phase of the prep.  I know I have done it before…..a couple times at least.  Either the trip was not so bad that I can’t remember, or it was so bad that I blocked it out. LOL

I could have had this done in Salem.  Much closer.  But my cancer surgeon and I felt it was better that he did it.  After all, he knows almost every inch of scar tissue.  So hopefully I will have no problems.

Bailey needs to take care of everything that needs to be done for the shower tomorrow.  With the exception of making the casseroles that need to soak overnight.  Hopefully I will be up to making those this evening.  That is pretty much what is going on here.  Hopefully you will have a better day than I will. 🙂


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