Brantley and Great-Grandma

Busy few days.  The weekend began with Bailey, LL and I meeting up with Kane and Lisa to see the venue for their wedding.  Lovely place.  Then LL and I got to have Brantley over night for the first time.  He did great and was so much fun.  We then decided to take him to his Great grandma’s house.030And he pretty much wanted only my mom after that.  Kept insisting she hold him. 🙂

045Later in the day, we went back to Mom’s for our opening of Peach Drink season.  Kyle, my nephew was visiting from L.A.  so it was fun to see him.

Sunday, LL and I went to our camping site and got a little work done.  I don’t anticipate many camping weekends for the majority of the summer.  We are hoping to camp in a couple of weeks for a weekend, but most weekends in May, June and July are booked up with preparations for 2 weddings, family picnics, and bridal showers.

Which brings me to this week.  The next couple of days, I need to shop and get my house ready for a shower Bailey and I are giving for Lisa on Saturday.  I need to be ready early because Thursday I need to fast and prep for Friday.  Friday I am having a colonoscopy. 😦  I, of course, have to have this done more often than most people.  It is due in August, but I told my doctor that having it done the week before my daughter’s wedding was not going to happen.  He would rather I have it earlier than later.  So Friday it is.

Book Club is scheduled for tonight. 🙂  Looking forward to it.  We started The Great Gatsby.  I have a bit of it to read today and a salad to shop for and make to take tonight.

Since the weather is again beautiful, I better get my reading done so I can go outside.  Have a great day.


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