Honey Do, Honey Don’t

Honey do…….encourage, be patient, help organize.

Honey don’t…….get impatient, and do not add more on the list that is physically impossible.


This weekend is the weekend that LL gets the pressure washer and power washes the two houses, sidewalks, driveway, all the things I point out.  “hun, get that…….Hun, you missed a spot”.  He handles it well.  But I am an idiot every blooming year when this weekend comes up.  I always add stuff to the Honey do list.  Like Caulk Max’s shower, Fix this or that faucet. But this year, I held back the list.  Oh I have it written down.  But something in the back of my head said….”Konnie, remember last years argument when you got impatient and unrealistic”.  Well, I did not have a clear memory, but I did hold back the list.  Because LL is very thorough, detailed and does a great job in making this place sparkle.  It just always takes a lot longer than I think it should.

So the things on my honey do list will be carried over till the next free weekend.  But so glad LL does take his time and does it right.




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