What? You’ve Never Seen A Chicken Smile?

Good Morning!  Another sunny day is planned here in Silverton Oregon.  I am happy to say I got everything done on my To Do: list except I did not go to the Gardens.  Once I got started on my chores, I just kept going.  Must say, with the exception of the spare bedroom, the upstairs looks scrubbed clean.  Well that’s not really true.  My kitchen cupboard doors need a cleaning and then oiled.  But I like help with that one.  “OH Bailey…..” 🙂

When I took my camera outside yesterday to shoot the lilacs, I should have taken pictures of the ladies.  They were so happy that I cleaned their nests.  In fact, I could see smiles on their beaks.  No, really.  Fine, don’t believe me.

Bailey has today off.  I know she is planning to babysit Brantley in Salem later this morning.  Hopefully I can catch her before or after to help with the cupboards.  Then, she and I need to sit down, plan the menu for the bridal shower Bailey is giving for Lisa.  We need to get organized because I think there will be quite a few people here.  And we need to make a list of errands we want to do for her own wedding.  Tomorrow, Bailey has an early morning eye appointment, then an early afternoon doctor appointment.  So in-between, we are going to Costco, Cash n Carry, and a couple of other places.  I hope my digestion holds out so we can get a lot done.

Well I was up with the chickens as the saying goes.  So I think I will start my day early.  Have a great day.  If you can, get outside and soak up some vitamin D.  I know I will.


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