Nice, Clean, Fresh

Guest’s Bedroom should really be kept nice, clean and fresh.  Yes it should!  But in the Miller household, either the guest bedroom becomes a catch-all for things you don’t know what to do with.  Or for days, sometimes weeks at a time, it becomes Max’s bedroom.  When Max is going through a hard time, he would rather sleep at our house instead of his.  I don’t mind at all except for one thing.  Max can make a room look, feel, and smell gross in a very short amount of time.  Don’t know how he does it.  He showers, his house is usually neat, and it kind of feels welcoming.  But when he habitats in the guest bedroom, something disturbing happens.  Well you get the point and enough of that.

Max is back at his home at night and I want this room nice, clean and fresh.  It certainly is not decorated.  Nothing to write home about.  Just want to get rid of the ick factor.  So I started in early today.  Washed the sheets and they were hanging on the line by 8:00.  Got rid of cob webs.  Cleaned under the bed.  (No wonder Max has no socks…..dozens under the bed.)  Took the window screen down and scrubbed it in the shower.  Dang!  Now I have to clean the shower. Anyway,cleaned the window, vacuumed and turned the mattress, washed and hung on the line the blankets and comforters.  Yes I said plural comforters because Max likes to be warm.  Dusted, Vacuumed etc. etc.  3 hours later and I have a nice, clean, fresh guest bedroom.


Remember my red polka-dot bed set?  You know, the one LL said should be in Minnie Mouse’s bedroom?  Well decided it goes better in the very red bedroom. (Left-over decor from my teen age Bailey).

Bailey walked in and said “Wow, much better”.  But here is the tricky part.  How to keep Max from using the bedroom again. 😦  Well it may not last, but at least for today, I have a bedroom open for guests.


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