Filling My Day Up Cuz I’m Feeling My Day

Over the last few months I have had many more bad days than good days health wise.  But over the last week or so, due to diet change and meds, I am feeling more myself.  Much better than I have all winter and spring.  So yesterday I wanted to get a lot done.  Enjoy the day, weather, feeling good.  But ended up getting little done.

I got a little work done inside……not a lot.

I got a little work done outside…..not a lot.

I did make it to Mom’s and spent 3 or 4 hours there…….never made it to the Oregon Gardens.

Well I am happy to say today is a new day and a beautifully sunny one at that!  AND I am still feeling good.  So here’s the plan and I am determined to not sit down till it is all done.  Might not eat either because I don’t want to risk having to cut the day short.

Clean laundry room.  Really is very dirty and disorganized.  Bathrooms and straighten rest of the house.  Then get the heck outside.  Clean chickens nests.  No I did not get that done yesterday. Get off my back. 🙂  Load my camera in my scooter and scoot on over to the Gardens and take pictures.  Come home and make a Turkey meat loaf.  Sounds like a heavenly day to me.


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