I Want A Do Over

I went to lunch to celebrate Karen, my sister’s birthday yesterday.  I think we all had a nice time.  But here is the problem.

I was doing so good.  No bad “issues” although because of lack of rectum, even a good day is pretty urgent.  I ordered a cup of soup and a salad with tuna on top.  Bad choices all around.  First off, both have many ingredients in them.  I should not have ordered either item.  I ended up having a horrible afternoon that went on through the evening.  It could have been the soup, it could have been the salad.  But because I had both and both had many ingredients……..I have put myself through hours of pain and no closer to an answer to what caused it.  Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.  This is why I am supposed to add things one ingredient at a time.

I should have ordered a plain baked potato and left it at that.  Oh the woulda, shoulda, coulda in life.  Rarely does life give you a Do Over.  But there is good news in all this.  Because a lot of healing had already taken place, no lingering damage has been done as far as I can tell.  I am feeling pretty good today. 🙂  So good that I was really looking forward to going to my book club tonight.  I have been a No Show for weeks and am missing the other ladies.  But it has been cancelled.  Hopefully we will all meet next week.

Because I am feeling good and the sun is shining…. 🙂 …….going to hurry up with my inside stuff and spend the day outside or out and about.  My chicken nests need cleaning, eek!  I can continue with washing some windows.  I can take my camera and walk around the Oregon Gardens.  I can go spend some time with my mom.  I can choose or do all.  But you can bet there is one thing I will not be doing today or anytime in the near future…….go out to lunch. 😦  Or I need to make myself say these words, “Just a plain baked potato please”.

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