Brazilian Cheese “Puffs”

Pretty much stayed within my dietary guidelines for the last eight days.  Very limited but I am feeling much better.  I say pretty much because I did eat something that had a few ingredients.  My niece Nicole McCoy sent me an idea.  Brazilian Cheese Bread.  It is not a bread that substitutes gluten free flours as a replacement.  Those never taste very good.  Always grainy and weird aftertaste.  This recipe has always been gluten free.  Kind of like Monster Cookies and the old fashion peanut butter cookies.  There are dozens of choices for this recipe on the internet.  Some with just parmesan cheese, olive oil, more tapioca flour.  The one I chose uses a combo of parmesan and cheddar, canola oil, and less tapioca flour.  So it is much more economical.  I am thinking it should be renamed simply to Brazilian Cheese Puffs because they are not dense like a roll or bread.  They are very airy and puff up like a popover.

brazillian cheese rolls 015Here is what mine looked like.  They were fabulous.  I made it exactly like the recipe said.  Now that I have, I will try to make variations of if.  Maybe grate a tiny bit of garlic into the batter.  Perhaps put some herbs like parsley or thyme in it.  These puffs tasted so good, I will make them to replace gluten filled rolls or bread when making soups, etc.

But the best part I am happy to say is that I had no bad reaction to these little bundles of goodness. 🙂


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