Hibernating Bear to a Jazz Hand Squirrel


Boy, I have a yearning for summer.  I really shouldn’t.  Having a lot to do to prepare for the two weddings.  I get a little panicky when thinking about it.  But I yearn for summer weather.  For gardening.  For camping.  For swimming.  For peach drinks at my mom’s house.  For doors and windows open in the mornings, letting cool breezes in.

It will come soon enough.  I know this.  But this winter was a rough one.  I always feel a little down during the winter, but this winter was so hard.  I think losing family does not help.  Having weeks of digestive problems does not help.  Etc. etc.  But I am feeling a little like a bear coming out of hibernation.  As days get a little warmer, dryer, and longer; I am feeling like I am awakening from a long lazy sleep.  Could not come soon enough. 🙂

Today, the sun will be showing and it should be a dry day.  This will probably change tomorrow.  So I hope to get out around 8:00 and sweep the balcony, wash some windows, just do some general pick up outside.  And to really lift my spirits, I think I will let Harriet and Hannah out to run around and keep me company. 😀  When I get everything done that I want to, I know just getting some vitamin D will make me feel even better!  I plan to spend time with my Mom after that.  I hope you get out and soak in some of your own vitamin D.


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