Real Food

Not happy with myself. 😦  Certainly not happy with my body.  I did not make my aunt’s funeral today.  I think the only other close family member’s funeral I have missed was my Uncle Val’s years ago when I was in California.  But I have hope.

Hope that things will get better.  I went to my primary physician yesterday and she is on board and is helping me with a strategy to improve my digestion which will improve my life.  I am starting on a couple meds. that although are not normally used for the purpose I will be using them for, one in particular might contribute to some improvements.   We have a strategy for my diet and hopefully solving some mysteries on what causes ongoing “issues”.

For now, things will be very very restrictive.  No processed foods.  No meats except turkey and fresh water fish.  No eggs.  No soda, alcohol, sugary juices.  No gluten (of course).  No nuts, seeds.  No refined carbs and sugars.  No spices and herbs.  No dairy including *gulp* CHEESE. 😦  Sobbing still about that one.  So you might be wondering what I can eat.

Turkey, trout, tuna.  Most fresh vegetables.  Fresh fruit (but no citrus).  Whole grains, brown and white rice (white rice is the one refined food I can have).  White and sweet potatoes.  Maybe a little beans. Herb teas, water, fresh juice.  And after a few days I can add oats as long as it is gluten free.  No seasoning except sea salt.  I know.  This all seems so sad and bland.  But it is healthy.  Basically it is the elimination diet I was already going to start, but my doctor cut out a few more foods.  Everything very simply prepared.  Broiling, boiling, steaming.

I was thinking I would eat like this for a week and then start slowly introducing certain foods back in.  But I have been told that I need to keep things very restrictive much longer than that.  Because my intestines are so inflamed and things have become very serious.  I hate to admit something, LL has been saying this to me but yesterday my doctor said the exact same thing.  (thinking LL called her….just kidding).  What they both said is that they are worried that every time my intestines become inflamed, it is adding to the permanent damage the radiation is already causing.  In other words, if I don’t want to lose more small and large intestines, I need to get serious and very strict about what I put in my body.

I have always known this of course, but I can’t get sloppy anymore.  Which is so very hard for a person who loves food.  Please pray and wish me luck that I can do much better than I have in the past.


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