No Guarantees


Last week, the weather was a bit drizzly in Astoria

014I wish I would have brought my tri-pod.  My hand is not steady enough but the view from our room at night was gorgeous.

I am glad we had a nice view because I had “issues” almost the whole time so I spent most the time in the room.

My problems continued the rest of week and weekend.  Not fun. 😦  So yesterday I started the elimination diet.  I have not been good with my eating lately and I need to start fresh with a good baseline.  I need to be able to make it to a couple of things in the next two days.

Today I have a doctor’s appointment for a general physical.  It has been a very long time since I have seen my regular doctor.  Mainly because I see specialists on an on-going basis.  So I am way over due for a good look over.  This means this morning I am having to do my prep in order to make the appointment.  I have been awake for a long time already so I am able to make my 8:00 exam.

Tomorrow, if I am able to make it, my Aunt Harriet funeral takes place in Portland.  Thinking I might need to drive separate from the rest of the family in order that I can leave if needed but not make others have to leave early.  I really would hate to miss this but to be honest, how my digestion has been behaving, I make no guarantees right now.


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