Oh boy

Nice slow pace morning it WAS.  LL and I watched the news, talked about a couple of things, reading the paper and then it happened.  LL remembers he has a teeth cleaning appointment and becomes a chicken with his head cut off.  Guess he forgot about it.

Well after he gets the heck out of here, my plan is working around here a little.  Around noon, Bailey and I are going to Salem to spend the afternoon with Lisa and Brantley.  Lisa is having a fitting for her wedding dress so I am excited to be going.  Then I will treat us all to appetizers at Applebees.  Really trying to get out and about.

Yesterday went as planned I am happy to say.  I was able to clean a little, go to Gervais and visited with Debby for a while, then spend all afternoon at my mom’s house.  Didn’t really help her with anything.  We had 4 episodes of a show that we watch together.  So we caught up on those.  I then stopped at the store and picked up a baked chicken and some pea salad.  I probably should have just had white rice all day but for some reason, I was obsessed with eating pea salad.  Just wanted a small portion so I did not make it myself.  But my homemade is definitely better.  Still, things must be improving a bit because I did not get sicker.  Baby steps I guess.



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