Third time a Charm

I know!  Three posts in one morning……what’s up with that?  I don’t know, just feel like it. 🙂

Today I am feeling not great but better than yesterday.  Thinking I will make a large pot of white rice and eat on that for a couple of days.  Actually, my stomach (and lower) is still hurting….a lot, but I think I have a bit more energy today and I plan on taking advantage of it.

So here is my plan…..depending on how my body holds up.  Going to spend a couple of hours cleaning.  You can imagine what my house looks like.  Maybe you can not imagine…..that bad.  Then I need to go to Gervais to drop some stuff off to my sister-in-law Debby.  After that, I will either spend the afternoon at my mom’s, or if she is busy, I will take my camera to the Oregon Gardens to take some pictures of the blossoming trees.  Posting the Astoria pictures has left me in the mood to get out and be creative.

As I said before, this all depends on my body.  But I am so hoping to be out and about.  I know this resistant hermit should be used to being a shut in, but weeks of this has done two things.  Makes me a little depressed and the longer I am down and not doing much, the harder it is to resume life and become functional again.

Who knows, if I do get a couple good shots today, I might post a fourth post for today.  Can you imagine that?

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