Astoria Bridge

LL and I were watching the local news during our coffee time this morning.  A featured segment was in Astoria.  Specifically at a Hotel that LL and I stayed at a few months ago.  This was when my computer was acting up and I did not download pictures for weeks.
092So I never posted any pictures and the view from our hotel room was so spectacular, it would be a shame not to show you at least a couple of shots.

094The hotel sits on a pier.  So if you have a ground level room, (which we did) the balcony is literally barely over the water. And the view of the world-famous Astoria Bridge I think could rival what I imagine the Eiffel Tower experience to be like. I know, Paris would be a lovely place to go, but COME ON!  Look at the view.

101I do love Astoria.  Over the last two or three years, LL and I have chosen to go there when we want to go to the coast.  Over the last few years, I have got to know the town pretty well and I must say, if I had to move from my beloved Silverton, I could easily live in Astoria.  But they do get even more rain than Silverton.  This was the first time we stayed at this hotel.  So on this trip, I barely left the hotel room, (actually barely left the balcony), because the view was so beautiful.

134I did leave the room long enough to take the camera out to take a few pictures from the pier at a different angle.

LL and I are planning on spending a couple of days very soon in Astoria.  I am not sure if we will stay at the same hotel.  Kind of spendy but worth if for special occasions.


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