Door Number 2

Yesterday, I waited all day staying in ear shot from the phone and checking my e-mail every 20 minutes.  Finally in the evening, I heard back from my doctor.  I think he was waiting until all results were back from blood tests, biopsy, and scans.

Good news, no cancer detected and no major increase in thickening of my bowels.  So I am thinking Door number 2 is the winner.  I am so happy, yet at the same time, still feeling lousy.

I guess if this is all caused by the stomach virus I had 3 weeks ago, I am going to just have to be patient.  But feeling pretty yucky this morning.  Like my gut is on fire.  Like instead of it being 12 hours since I last ate, if feels like I just stuffed my self with a Thanksgiving meal.  You know the feeling.  Well I will just have to take it one day at a time.



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