Oregon Splendor

What a beautiful day here in Silverton Oregon!  Just about the nicest day weather wise in…..well I don’t know how long.

Moving slow.  It is almost noon and I am just getting moving.  But my hope is to do the dishes, start a load of laundry and get out a bit.  LL has gone to our campsite to get a few things done there but when he gets back, I want to go to the store to get a couple of things for tomorrow and then visit my mom.  Normally I am over there 2, 3 sometimes 4 times in a week.  The last couple weeks I have not been up to going anywhere.  Kind of missing my mom and civilization.

I am also going to take my camera.  A day like today is bound to bring opportunities for a good picture.

Eating wise, I am back to a low residue diet until I know what is going on.  Which is o.k.  But I am kind of whole grain, brown rice, fresh vegetables sort of girl.  When eating low residue, you have to think almost unhealthy.  Low fiber, over cooked vegetables etc.  But it is either that or just having liquids, and I know if I end up having surgery, my liquid days will be many in the future.  So why would I go there before I have to?

Enjoy your day.  And if you live here in Oregon with this beautiful weather…..Really enjoy your day!

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