Let’s Make A Deal

Rough, rough, rough couple weeks.  Feeling a bit of flash back of when I had cancer.  The pain, scare, sleepless nights etc.  Coming off of the stomach virus, I thought I was just not bouncing back.  But instead of feeling a little better every day, I have been getting worse.  So my cancer surgeon has put me on the fast track (yet again) for some answers.

Wednesday, I went to Salem for some tests.  Thursday, I went to Portland to see my cancer surgeon for a rectal exam, and this morning, I went for some scans.  Sounds like I have three options.

Behind door number 1 is the ever so feared item….Cancer.  Of course that is the least desired.  After the exam and some test results back, things look good to start ruling that out. 🙂  Although we will still need to wait for the rests of the tests from Wednesday and today’s scan to rule that out completely.

Behind door number 2 is the most desired item…..side effects from the stomach virus.  Because of my lack of intestines and plenty of scar tissue, I may just have a lot of inflammation from being sick and the doctor has said it may take weeks for that to improve.  Although that doesn’t explain why I seem to be getting worse rather than better.  But what’s behind door 3 explains it all.

Behind door number 3 is a thickening of my bowels.  My last scan many months ago showed an area of thickening probably caused by the damage from radiation.  The doctor is suspecting that the scarring has increased to a point that I am starting to be blocked.  Although this is better than cancer, it is a big deal.  Like Dr. L said, he hates doing major surgery on me for two reasons, I do not bounce back well from surgeries and having  more bowels cut out of me will leave me with even less small intestines and likely more problems.  But if that is the case, surgery can not be avoided.

I am thinking I will know the answer behind all the doors some time Monday.  If I do require surgery, it will likely have to be within a couple of days after that.  Which means opening me wide open in the abdomen…..again.  3 to 7 days in the hospital……again.  And weeks of recovery…..again.

The hardest part I learned from my doctor appointment is that if this is indeed caused by the radiation he said it is the “gift that keeps giving”.  Meaning the radiation with likely continue doing damage for the rest of my life and I will likely run into this problem from time to time. 😦

One other thing I am feeling a bit bad about.  I was planning on having Easter for my family on Sunday.  I am just not up to it.  So my sister Kris is planning on having everyone over instead.  What a blessing she is.

Well, the barium is starting its number on my digestion, so I shall be signing off and spending the rest of the day running.  Have a great Easter and I will update you when I know more after Monday.


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  1. Oh my dear friend… you have all my support and prayers. And that of Connie and Carol and Amber, too. I KNOW I can speak for them on this. Days like this I wish I had that magic Dr. McCoy gadget you scan over the forehead and you’re just fixed!

  2. Please know that you and your family are in our prayers, and hope that door number 2 is yours 🙂
    Hubby is having ‘issues’ and we are hoping it’s not cancer. I just finished a monthlong ordeal with sinus surgery. Other family members are having their medical troubles also. We try to accept each day as it comes, as a blessing (easy to say, hard to do, lol). Hugs!

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