My Way Of Thinking

Happy Friday!

Strange to be sitting here this time of the morning on Friday.  I feel well enough to probably do my regular routine with my mom, but when it comes to my mom’s health, I don’t like to take chances.  I am probably not contagious now, but I don’t know that for sure and I do think it would could be particularly dangerous for Mom to get this virus.

I have always had the opinion that when a person is contagious, if at all possible, they need to stay away from others.  It was easy when my kids were little, I kept them home from school because I did not work.  It got tougher as they were older and I went back into the work force.  LL and I then took turns staying home to care for them.  So I get that it is not always possible for someone to stay home until they are healthy.  Sometimes it takes many days and not everyone can afford to take the time off.

LL is of a different mind.  He gets back to work as soon as he is standing up.  Although he is mindful of others, especially older people, as the main bread winner of the family, he gets back to work ASAP.  But here is my thinking because of experience……..

Remember the year that the big scare was the N1H1 virus?  That was the year of my intense surgeries, radiation and chemo.  While going through my treatments, I was not allowed to get the regular flu shot, or the N1H1 flu shot.  But was warned that I had very little immune system left and should do my best to stay out of crowded areas, and stay away from sick people.  This was particular important for me because I lost so much weight, had little reserves left and getting sick would have been very dangerous.  And would have delayed the very treatments that were saving my life.

Now that I healthy, relatively so, I am always mindful that maybe the lady next to me at the store, or the man I am handing money to is going through treatments, fighting an illness, etc.  And they can not risk getting sick.  Over the years, I have created habits I gained during the year of my treatments.  When grabbing a shopping cart, I try to always wipe down the handle before using.  In fact, I make my mom do the same. 🙂  When at the doctors or hospital, I tend to sit away from everyone else.  I probably over scrub vegetables, etc. etc.  Some probably think I am too cautious…..and I am fully aware I am only able to do so because I do not work outside the home.  And look, even though I am careful, I still contracted this virus and was very ill.  But I know I still have a compromised immune system so I will continue to do so.

I guess what I am saying is if you are sick and have to be out in public, at least be thoughtful and try your best to keep others safe.  And if you can, just stay home.


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