Diary Of Our Visitor….Mr. Virus!

Good Morning……well it is good.  Or at least better than it has been in quite a few days.

Saturday was my grandson Brantley’s first birthday.

brantley and me


He looks a little worn out here because he became very sick two or three days before and wasn’t totally himself for his party.  Lisa’s parents and brother flew in from Missouri for the occasion.  Not sure if it is related or food poisoning, but they and many other family members got sick the day before and the day of the party.  About a dozen people were not able to attend.  Still, it was a lovely party.  Besides Lisa’s family, Kane and Lisa’s friends, many of our family attended.  Including my mom.

Sunday, we did a little work around here.  Nothing special.  Although I did not feel great, I had no idea what was to happen.  Sunday evening I started feeling sick.  Really sick.  diarrhea, vomiting, chills, headache, fever, the whole shebang.  By morning, I had a bed partner.  Bailey.  She had the exact same thing.  We spent two days in my bed.  When one of us would get up to get some Sprite, we would get the other some too. But we could barely stand up.   LL had to work late Monday, so we actually called Lisa and asked her to bring some soup.  She also brought us some Gatorade.  Bless her. 🙂  LL stayed away from us for two days.  We thought he might get away with not catching this virus.  Must say, I do not remember ever being so sick.  Not with a virus, not with a cold, not with Chemo or Radiation, not with dehydration.  This is the humdinger of all viruses.

Well yesterday around 1:00 in the afternoon, LL comes barely walking in the door, went straight to bed with a bowl in hand.  He is home today.  He seems to be getting away with slightly lighter version of this sickness.  Or it might be that he had watched Bailey and I suffer and when he felt it coming on, he quit eating sooner and stayed hydrated.  But he is still one sick man.

Today, I am feeling a bit stronger, going to try to disinfect the kitchen and bathrooms, and I am hoping and praying Max does not get this.  Bailey is certain that it is the norovirus.  The lab she works in has seen several cases come through and we seem to have all the symptoms.  The thing about that virus is that it is more contagious than normal viruses and the germs seem to live a long time.  So even if I am doing much better tomorrow, I will not be spending anytime with my mom like I normally do on Friday morning.

So now that I have bored you with a play by play analysis of our sickness.  I am thinking of going back to bed for a couple of hours.  Stay healthy out there…..and stay away from the Miller household. 😦


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  1. Get well, all of you! And for once I’m glad you weren’t at book club.
    Sorry you are going through this. 😦

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