Pay back

Just a warning that this is probably a Too Much Information type post.

I have had a nice couple days with my niece at the hospital.  She is doing so well.  I will be heading over again in about an hour.  Janay is the type of person that you can have long interesting conversations with, and also just sit next to her, quiet, saying nothing.  Although she had a huge surgery on Wednesday, I will not be surprised if she is able to go home tomorrow.

But pay back can be rotten.  The last two days I have waited to eat till evening and of course, eating too large of a meal too late in the day is not the best for me.  So I was up most the night.  Luckily I wore diapers because many, MANY accidents.  Been a long time since I have gone through that many “undergarments”.

This morning, I am still not feeling well and may have troubles while at the hospital.  I probably wont be there as much today.  Just don’t think my body will let me.  But I will check on her this morning and see if she needs anything.  And pop in a couple more times throughout the day unless she plans on having some visits from someone else.

Well I best get moving and take a much-needed bath. 🙂


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