Bad Grandma

Good Morning.  This week is turning out to be just as busy as the last few weeks.  Which in some respects is very good for me.  Just very tricky when it comes to my eating.

I had such a nice morning yesterday.  Mom, Kris and I have not spent a Monday morning together in such a long time.  Normally, this is routine for us, so if felt good.  Kris and I went for our walk, then all three of us went to Winco to stock up on canned foods and some other things.  For some reason, everyone else in the valley seemed to have the same idea….boy was it crowded.  Then we went to McGrath’s and had lunch.  The rest of the day I spent a little time Brantleysizing my house.  My little grandson is turning one this weekend and I have never child-proofed my home. 😦  Bad Grandma!  Well he is getting into everything and likes to throw.  So first off I took care of my canned food shelves that is by my back door.  I then went to a thrift shop and bought 19 children’s books.  He loves books. 🙂  I really did not get any farther on my child-proofing.  So this is what today will look like.

I need to go to Salem this morning.  I have two birthday boys to buy for.  Brantley who turns 1 on Saturday, and LL who turns 51 tomorrow.  Then I want to remove my books from the 3 lowest book shelves and make that Brantley’s space.  I love that he loves books more than anything.  So I will put the children’s books on the shelves he can reach and I will continue to add to the collection.  He also likes to explore the six drawers in the hall way.  I wont change them completely, just go through them to make sure nothing is breakable or can hurt him.  Then it is just going through the main living area to make sure breakables are up higher.

I am a big believer that kids need to respect other’s homes and learn not to touch some things.  But he is just turning one and I have far too much around to entice and could be dangerous.  I want him and his parents to come and just relax when they visit.  This really should have been done 6 months ago, but better late than never.

Tomorrow I will be at the hospital.  My niece is having surgery.  This is David Miller’s daughter.  Her mom has had to take so much time off caring for David, that my niece asked if I would be her mom for the next few days so her mom could go to work.  It is my privilege.  So Janay is my first priority for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Her mom will be there in the evenings and this weekend.

I plan on blogging this week, but if you don’t hear from me, it will be because I am just a little busy.  Have a blessed day.


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