Quiet Sunday Afternoon

Ahhhh, nice to be sitting, relaxing and taking a little time to write this.  LL is in the living room taking a much-needed nap.  Although the last 48 hours were very special, the energy and emotions take its toll.

David’s memorial was beautiful.  It reflected exactly who David was.  He was able to tell his family and LL specifically what he wanted and that is just what happened.  LL’s oldest brother and his wife made a beautiful 8 minute film of pictures and music.  Pictures of David as a baby, all the way through until a few weeks before his passing.  Monte’s daughter Lisa, and David’s daughter-in-law Mandy R. sang while LL and Kane accompanied them.  David’s daughter Mandy spoke about her dad and her loss, and LL gave the eulogy.  Fairly short and very simple service.  Part of the eulogy was LL reading a letter David wrote a couple weeks before he died.  That was the best part of all.  He, David, said it all.

It was a huge crowd, over four hundred attended.  Most stayed to visit and have cake.  New friends, childhood friends, life-long friends.  Amazing how much he was loved.  To end the day, David’s and Jalen’s family got together at another brother Tony’s home for a meal.

The benefit breakfast was this morning and boy, again, it was so crowded.  So nice to see so many familiar faces.  So now it is after 1:00 Sunday afternoon.  All is done.  Probably the last post I will write about this journey of losing David.  As I said before, life goes on.  But I will forever miss David.

Next week I am going to be spending a lot of time at the hospital for a niece on the Miller’s side.  With so many Miller and Staab family members, there is always something going on and someone in need.  Thanks again for your prayers.


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