Live, Love, Laugh

Good Morning,

Up early as usual.  As my custom, after getting my coffee made, turning on computer, check the web for news, I went on to Face Book.  While looking at my friends posts, I read a post by a friend… was a R.I.P. post.  Her high school friend was killed in a car accident.  So was his wife. 😦  They leave 3 small boys.

As sad as I am today, starting to get food, myself, stuff ready for a long day attending my brother-in-law David’s memorial, and then reading about this couple, I am reminded.  I am reminded that even though my faith believes this world is just part of the journey, our real goal and destination is to be with God in paradise.  But this part of the journey, this life we live on earth, is to be lived to the fullest.  Yes, sadness and sorrow are a part of it, but so is rejoicing, loving, laughing.  And the sorrow and laughing can be done at the same time.  It is healthy and healing.

So today, I know there will be tears.  I know I will need to keep lots of tissues handy for myself and others.  But I have no doubt there will be smiles.  No doubt thee will be laughs.  Especially since David was one of the funniest people I have ever know.  Especially when his children all inherited his humor.  Especially since my LL is doing his eulogy and he shares his brother’s humor.

My last few weeks have been weighted down with unbelievable sadness.  And that is natural and o.k.  But even living amongst all this sorrow and hurt, there is such beauty and love to be had.  So this day will be hard, but it will be enjoyed because we all get to remember a lovely man, and we all will be giving each other huge hugs.  I sure do love good bear hugs….and Miller’s know how to give those in abundance.  So, give some hugs today and have a blessed day.


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  1. Konnie I so love you. This is a beautiful reminder to love and live.

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