Miller Men

What can you say about 5 brothers……all grown men, who all would rather have a tooth pulled than get their picture taken.  That would be the Miller men.  Over the years, everyone has tried to take a picture of the five of them together.  One or two of them are either making a “face”, or they are making a gesture, or looking…well very angry.  But just a couple of weeks ago, my mom found a picture that she took of the five of them at Max’s birthday party.

It is a decent picture of all five of them all at once.  The only way my sister Kris, my niece Lisa, and I could figure out that it happened was the fact that my mom was the one taking the picture and those 5 men decided to all be “good boys” for her.  So here is a picture that I am sure will be very precious to all of the Miller family.

Miller MenTony, (the second to the oldest), (the baby), my LL, Monte (the wise, and oldest), John, (second to the youngest), and David (the middle child) who we will so very miss.

They all look a lot alike.  All with different personalities, interests, etc.  But boy, you get them together and watch out!  Like a tidal wave of energy.  They are the type of brothers that could fight and pound on each other, but watch out if someone treated one badly because then you had to deal with all five.  I love that about them.  And David most of all………



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