Taking Care Of Business

Well I think it is Monday morning.  Life is a bit of a fog right now.  I am not sure if it is our age, the stress, the sorrow, but after LL and I were up all night Friday night, we went to sleep at 7:00 Saturday evening and between a trip to Mt. Angel/Gervais and watching the Oscars with our kids (Our Tradition), LL and I kept napping.  And we could not wait to lay our heads down in bed last night.  I guess we are just wiped out.

LL is taking the day off today.  Not sure if he will work this evening in Portland.  We do have an appointment in Wilsonville this afternoon that can not be put off. 😦  LL needs to be out-of-town a couple of days this week, but he is hoping to take another bereavement day off on Friday to help prepare for his brother’s memorial service.  It will take place Saturday, 1:00 at Gervais High School which is what David wanted.

Wednesday, Kris and I have a meeting for Kathy.  Life goes on….. Between these taking care of business type activities, I am sure both LL and I will make ourselves available to help David’s family any way we can.

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Our sympathies to LL, you, and the entire family. God bless you all.

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