Presidents Day

Good Monday Morning!  and Happy Presidents Day.  LL and I had a good mix of family time with both sides over the weekend.  Starting Saturday with a visit to his brother’s house, spent Saturday evening and Sunday morning with Staabs at Casino, then rushed back to his brother’s home.  LL wanted to get to David’s house because his Uncle Jim, who is about the same age as all the brothers, was visiting.  Which is a rarity.  We could not remember the last time LL, his four brothers and his uncle were all together.  I was having “issues” so I did not stay to visit 😦  but so glad they all had this time together.

LL has the day off today.  Well his day job off, he will be working this evening in Portland.  I have the makings for swedish meatballs, so I am going to get those made this morning and hopefully get it over to both families.  Along with some banana bread Karen has made for them.  Both families are holding up well.  They all have strong faith.  David’s son Calvin, who lives near Sisters, has been here along with his wife and five small kids, so there is a lot of mouths to feed.  I am trying to coordinate some meals for both families and people have been very generous and helpful.

Since it is still very early here, I have been up since 2:30 and it is 4:30 now, my mind is a bit foggy on what is going on this week.  I am thinking right now, we are literally taking things one day at a time.  Not making many plans.  Bailey was planning a shower for my future daughter, Lisa in a couple of weeks, but I am thinking she is going to postpone it.  I have a meeting for my sister Kathy, but not sure if it is this Wednesday or next.  Where did I put my calendar book? 😦  Thinking I need to keep it close at hand.  Now that both families have meals in freezers, I need to actually coordinate when others are taking them meals so they are not too bombarded.  Or go from feast to famine. 🙂  But it’s a nice problem to have.  Having so many people wanting to help.  We had it when I was so sick during treatments and surgeries, so I know what a blessing it is to let others help your family out.  Enough rambling for one morning.  Have a great Prez. day.


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