Can’t Sleep

It’s about 1:00 am here.  I can’t sleep.  I really need to….but it is not happening. 😦  Been a long couple days for the Miller clan.  One brother in the hospital yesterday, the other in the hospital today.  LL worked his day job, went to Portland for his counselling job in the evening and then was able to spend a couple of hours at the hospital with his brother and family.  He got home around 11:00 this evening.  Not sure how he does it, but he does.

I have the opposite problem.  I am not sure what to do and how to help.  Of course, prayer is something I can and have been doing.  But beyond that, I feel a bit helpless.  Because of my “issues”, I am not reliable enough for many tasks that would be so helpful right now for both families.  I think the best I can do right now is get some meals in their freezers.  So I guess that’s what I will do tomorrow.

LL does not work tomorrow evening, so I am sure he will be visiting at least one of the brothers.  Not sure which.  Then on Wednesday, he has to be out-of-town for a couple of days for work.  I know he does not want to leave right now but at least he will just be in Astoria and Tillamook, so not too far away.

My plans for this week is Tuesday-Reggie groomed and make meals for freezers.  Wednesday-Mom has eye appointment, not sure if David or I am taking her.  Thursday-have an important meeting for Max.  Friday-meeting with caterer to sample some food choices for Bailey’s wedding.  Saturday and Sunday we are spending with Mom, Kris, Steve, and Karen at the casino.  At least that is the plan.  We will see.  I think LL and I just have to be flexible and not plan anything that can’t be changed so he can be available to help his brothers however possible.

Anyway.  I guess that’s enough 1:00 am rambling.  Have a great day and hug your family.


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  1. I am hugging you, too.

  2. So sorry to hear your family is having such a bad time right now. Making and freezing food is important too. Take care

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