What The “Fridge”

Well I don’t know why I would be different from everyone else I know who has had this bug.  I was hoping to wake up this morning feeling a bit better than yesterday.  But am thinking I feel worse.  A couple of people I know were down for a solid week and still feeling bad for a week after that.  I am on day 4 or 5.

Yesterday, after picking Mom up from salon, grocery shopping, taking her to doctors office….I came home with tons of fruits and vegetables.  Warned LL that I was not likely cooking anything with meat because the thought turns my stomach.  But before I could put away anything in the fridge, I had to clean it out.  It was bad.  Once everything was pulled out, and everything wiped up, I realized I hadn’t gone through condiments, sauces, spreads…..all those things with a long shelf life but does expire at some point.  Well my eyesight is not what it used to be.  Finding little “use by” dates hidden somewhere on the bottles took more than a little time.  I think cleaning the fridge took 1 1/2 hours.  Can you imagine?  That’s how bad it was.  But it is clean now.  That is All I got done.  I was wiped out.

So with feeling worse today, I am doubtful that what little I had planned to do will get done.  I had hope to do the freezer part of the fridge today.  It is so stuffed that I don’t even know what is in there.  Chances are, much is getting too old to use and is just using up energy.  Anyone else let their fridge get this bad?  Frankly, I would rather clean toilets, windows, and wash the car before cleaning the fridge.  Doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

I know some who are wondering why I haven’t blogged lately.  Well my computer is still acting up.  That explains a bit of it.  Especially where pictures come in.  I have hundreds of pictures still in my camera.  I am nervous downloading them and something going wrong and losing all of them.  But I might just have to take the chance.  The computer is behaving a bit better after Rett worked on it, but something is still not right.

Another reason I have not blogged is I am working hard not going to a dark, negative place.  I always vowed to be very honest on this blog, and things are really rough for the Miller Family right now, but it is not my story to tell.  When it comes to other’s health, I respect their privacy.  But it does affect how LL and I go about our days.  What we are doing, thinking and praying for.  But I find it hard to find the balance between blogging about how our life is going, and respecting other’s struggles.  So I just plain have not been blogging.

I am sure you can read between the lines and know things are really not going well. 😦  And typically when it comes to these hard times in our life……when it rains, it pours.  So please keep LL’s brothers in your prayers.  And I will try to find the right balance so I am writing my blog a little more often.  It really is kind of therapy for me.


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  1. Yourmwomright it never rains it pours but just remember at some point the sun will shine and you might even see a rainbow. Never give up hope.

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