The Computer…..AGAIN

Not sure if this will post.  Yes I have not been on for quite a few days.  Was very busy for a few, then my computer was acting up.  Then I gave my computer to Rett so he could fix it.  So a couple days ago, I got on Bailey’s computer to write on blog.  The thing is, my user name and password for my blog automatically comes up.  So it has taken Sme a couple days to figure out how to get on it using Bailey’s computer.  I am not fully confident as I am writing this, that it will post.  More likely, with my luck, it will post on someone else’s blog.

Silverton has been a freeze zone now for 5 days.  Very weird.  You go out of town, any direction and there is no snow and ice.  But for the four previous mornings we have had snow falling down, and it never warms up enough to fully thaw out.  It is beautiful.  I have taken pictures, but I do not want to load them on Bailey’s computer.  I want them on mine.  Rett says he thinks the problem is fixed and he will bring me my computer tonight.  Tonight, the caterer is coming over so we can decide on a menu for Bailey’s wedding.  So today I am working around here.  Staying warm.  Also, my book club book is getting really good so I hope to sit for a while and read it.

Have a great day.  Tomorrow I hope to write and post on my own computer.  But here it goes, I will publish and let me apologize a head of time in case this goes on someone elses blog. 🙂

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  1. I got it! Stay warm I hear the cold snap is extreme.

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