The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Happy Friday!

Boy, I have been busy.  Well busy for me.  Good things, not so good things.  I managed to go off on my poor nephew.  When he clearly didn’t deserve it.  Not so good thing.  I did apologize.  Good thing.  I had to go to my Uncle Carl’s funeral, not so good thing.  But I got to see other family I don’t often see.  Good thing.  I am not talented at planning events.  Not so good thing.  But after two weeks of Bailey’s engagement, we have picked a venue, I dropped off the deposit for it yesterday, we have a tentative caterer, the date has been set, and Bailey and I picked up a few things to try out for table decor and it looks like that might even work.  Oh and I went with Bailey for her to sign up for Bed, Bath and Beyond registry.  So for me, all this is very good.  Well at least very good for me.

Tomorrow, a few of us will be meeting at a bridal shop to watch Bailey try on dresses and for the bridesmaids to try on different styles of their dresses.  This should be fun.

Now this is not the only wedding for us.  Kane and Lisa’s wedding is even sooner.  Bailey is hoping to put on a bridal shower for Lisa, with my help.  We are needing to set the date for that, as Lisa has some family visiting this area from Missouri in March and she might like her mom to attend the shower.

As I said a couple of weeks earlier.  I am so scatterbrained and disorganized lately but I really don’t want to drop the ball for either one of these brides.  So far so good.



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