Re-Cooping My Drive

It is strange.  I rarely write my blog at night.  Sometimes I write it in the middle of the night, which for me is the start of my day, but rarely before I go to bed.  Must say, my brain is more muddled this time of the day than normal.  But I am having some “issues”.  Tomorrow is going to be a little busy, (my uncle’s funeral) so you are going to just have to deal with my night thoughts instead of my morning thoughts.  LOL  Believe me, my grammar and spelling will be worse if that is possible. 🙂

This evening, I went to my book club.  It has been weeks since I attended.  I feel a little bad because I think I was like a desperate housewife.  No not like the ones on the show, but like the one that never leaves her house, so when she finally does, she is a chatter box and acts like she has no clue about the give and take of proper conversation.  I never considered myself as a desperate housewife, but when you think about it, a resistant hermit is not that different.  I was so happy to be away from home, with girlfriends, (no men) that I found myself chattering.  I was not the only one that talked but when the others did talk, it was usually to answer my dozens of questions.  We never did get to the book. 😦

After I told them about family that are ill, Kane and Bailey’s wedding plans, I wanted to hear about their holidays.  Then I noticed some changes, or perceived changes in Lynda’s house which led to another long interesting conversation.  And I learned something.  Something I did not like.  Don’t tell LL, but these three ladies do plumbing, drywall, lay flooring, etc.  All three of them.  I don’t know how to do any of that.

When growing up, us girls worked in the field, we could drive a tractor, go in the house and make dinner, dishes and laundry, but for the life of me, I can’t fix a leaking pipe.  I can’t lay tile let alone put a sub-floor in.  In fact, I don’t even paint a wall in my house.  If you remember, I blogged once how LL and my sisters won’t let me anywhere near paint and a wall because not only do I end up wearing it, I end up trailing it everywhere leaving permanent footsteps. 😦

Well this has me thinking…..yes I am having a Lucy moment.  No I am not going to try to get into Ricky’s show, but I am going to challenge myself a bit.  Oh I have plans.  BIG PLANS!! 🙂  Just don’t tell LL.  I may not get anywhere near a bucket of paint that can ruin my hardwood floor.  But I need to expand my chicken coop.  LL has promised to do it, but spring is a coming. Time is a wasting.  I am planning on getting some new hens soon.   He has only so much time.  Either I can expand the existing, or I bet I could figure something else out.  I can do it…..really I can.  And frankly, how bad can I screw it up?  Besides, I have a secret weapon….Max is great at building things and he loves to help Mom. 🙂  Now where does LL keep his saw???

Oh who am I kidding….this is what will happen.  A coop will take days to build, LL will see it start to happen, he will look on with pain, take the saw, wood, and that thing-a-ma-jingy, what was it called???  oh a level away from me and do it himself.  Well that would be good too.  It would get done, but that would not get me further along on trying hard things out for myself.  Hmmm……What would Lucy do?  What would Lucy do?


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  1. KKkooooonnniiiee you got some splaining to do!!!!!!!

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