Monday Blues

Monday, Monday….Mondays seem to be a crap shoot.  Monday plans more often than not, end up scrapped.  Today, I was planning on spending the morning at my mom’s.  Processing Marion Berry Vodka.  Then helping Kris clean and organize Mom’s laundry room.  We can’t have her tripping over things again. 😦  But alas it was not to be.

Max is sick.  I know he is a grown man but when he is sick he does not make the best choices for his health.  I.E. keeping hydrated, resting, etc.  He also has asthma and when he is sick, he tends to have attacks.  I also have always been a firm believer that when sick, a person should try not to infect others.  So I have canceled his staff for today.

It will just be me and my boy home all day.  I am hoping to avoid having to take him to the doctor.  More times than not, he ends up with bronchitis with an occasional pneumonia.  But I also know the doctor will not put him on anything till it starts heading that direction.  Maybe this time it wont be like that.  One can hope and pray.


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