Balloons, Wine, Cheese, Chocolate…..Just About Perfect

Good Sunday morning!  I had a wonderful birthday yesterday.  LL and I worked around the house.  I had him fixing a few things. 🙂  A girl has to take advantage of her birthday and get some things crossed off her Honey Do List.  I have had a leak under my kitchen sink for weeks.  Of course it could not be an easy fix.  I needed a new garbage disposal.

So off to Lowes LL and I went.  While in town, we went to the pet store to pick up food for Yoda.  They were having adoption day.  Oh LL kept a close eye on me. LOL.  Actually, I fell in love with a one year old dog that looked a little like Reggie.  Her name was Buttons and I really think Kris or Mom should adopt her.  We then stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond and I bought myself a gift.  A bath pillow.  Last week, I had the opportunity to take baths in a beautiful claw tub that was comfortable and had a beautiful view out on the bay.  Well I could not recreate the view, but I love taking baths.  In fact, I take one in a huge tub with jets.  But the tub is not comfortable just to relax in so I rarely use the jets.  In fact, I think it had been over a year since I used it.  So making the most of my tub was on my agenda.

Here’s the thing.  When you don’t run the jets for a year, even when you keep your tub clean, the jets, crevices, etc. get very gross.  So 2 hours of scrubbing, running water with vinegar in it, running the jets, rinse, repeat.  Comfortable pillow in place.  I took a like long bubble bath.  Stupid me decided to then run the jets.  Well this reminded me of a Doris Day movie when soap dumped into the pool.  The whole room practically filled with suds……and it was heavenly. 🙂

We then met my family for dinner.  I think there was 14 of us.  It was so much fun.  I would show you pictures but I don’t think a single one was taken.  Kris set it up.  Bertha attended.  Bertha is a stuffed character Kris and I have been giving each other back and forth for years.  On the table, Karen put a bouquet of purple balloons and gave me a Red Lobster gift card.  Katie, my niece, painted me a beautiful picture.  I will take a picture and post it soon.  Kris gave me a huge gift sack with all my favorite things like wine, dark chocolate, a beautiful basket that will be perfect for LL’s chips and salsa.  Kris also made my favorite cake. (yes I had “issues” but it was worth it.  If was a great night and I felt very special.

Today, if Kane does not have to work, I hope to see him, Lisa and Brantley.  Other than that, no real plans for the day.  But I am sure it will be a blessed Sunday and I hope you have a blessed Sunday too.


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  1. Sounds like a perfect day. Happy belated birthday to you xxx

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