A Splint here, A Splint There

Well it has been an eventful few days.  New Year’s Eve ended up very different then we planned.  Around 1:30 in the afternoon, my mom called wanting to know if I was busy.  Well I could hear something in her voice and I said ” No, what’s wrong”.  Well she fell again.  Tripped on a box.  LL and I got to her house right away, the doctor’s office had not called back yet but I knew we couldn’t wait.  So off to the hospital we went.  And this is how she ended up looking.

momA splint on her leg and a splint on her wrist.

I stayed the night on New year’s eve, along with Kris.  The last time we spend New Year’s eve together was at the hospital when my cousin passed away.  So this was a much nicer night.

Since then, I was away at the beach over night, and last night, I stayed with mom again.  I took her to the doctor today and I am happy to say she now has the leg splint off, but we are waiting for confirmation from a follow-up x-ray that her wrist is fine too.  The doctor said she can be left alone now that her leg splint is off.  So after a few hours of seeing that she was steady on her feet, I am home and blogging once again.

I am looking forward to seeing what pictures are in my camera.  When I was gone overnight, I took some photos that I hope turn out nice.

Talk to you tomorrow.  It’s a big day for me!



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