Day Planner

Feeling a bit more positive today after my memory meltdown yesterday. 🙂  As I said before, my focus and memory gets me down.  Probably more so than even my digestive issues.  But I am so excited about my kids lives.  Last year, there were five of us in our little family.  LL, the kids and I are very close.  But three additions with Lisa, Brantley and now Rett is very exciting for our family.  So next year there will officially be eight of us.

Bailey and I have a couple of ideas for venues for her wedding.  They can’t really set the date till they know where and what dates are available.  So I think Saturday morning, Bailey and I will be dragging Rett and LL to at least one of the places.  Bailey and I both agree that the venue is one decision both Rett and LL need to be in on.

Since this will be a big year with 2 weddings, I don’t want to flake out on any of the planning.  And this is a good time of year to buy a planner.  I used to have a nice large one that fit in my purse when I was working.  It had everything from calendar, phone numbers and addresses, business cards, a place for notes etc.  I have a household organizer, but I really need to have something that is small enough to fit in my purse, but large enough to hold everything.  Since I am cheap, umm, I mean frugal, I will see if I can find one of my old ones and buy new inserts like a calendar to put in.

Because of being a hermit and not having much of a social life, the things I forget are usually not that important, but that won’t do this year.  I do not want to drop the ball for Bailey or Kane.  Their nuptials are too important.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not good at wedding planning.  Not even my wedding.  I really had very little definite opinions for my own wedding.  So what ever the kids plan will pretty much be fine with me.  But if they need help with anything, I want their Mom to be dependable.

So wish me luck on this upcoming crazy year. 🙂



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