The Day After

Boy, what a slug.  I am such a slug this morning.  Two days of eating too much and eating foods I normally don’t take part in has left me moving slow with little motivation.

Christmas eve dinner I made for my family.  I used my new roaster for the ham and over cooked it a little, but it was a bone in shank so it was very forgiving. 🙂  I made bacon wrapped asparagus, Trisha Yearwood’s recipe and it is a keeper!  So delicious.  Kane even ate it.  I am not the best cook in the world, but this meal was probably the best holiday meal I have ever made.

We went to my sister Karen’s new home yesterday.  It was fun seeing some of her grandchildren, eating good food again, and visiting and playing a game.

I have one holiday goal for this week.  To snuggle up will LL and watch my favorite holiday movie.  Holiday Inn, the black and white original Bing Crosby movie that White Christmas song is from.  No, not the White Christmas movie.  Holiday Inn is about twelve years older and with Fred Astaire.  Love it, Love it, Love it!  I did not watch it last year, so I am not missing it this time around.

Today, if I get myself moving here, I am going to get my house in order.  At least it is clean, but I still need to scrub the roaster, pick up a few straggly bows, wrap, and boxes, and wash the cloth napkins and linen from the table.  But what I really want to do is head to my mom’s for the afternoon.  I am not even sure if she will be home but that is my plan.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  Oh, I forgot to mention that LL got me a bluetooth, hands free thing-a-magingy for my cell phone.  I made LL call me while he was on his way to work this morning.  While I took the garbage to the street, I called Bailey who was in the house getting ready for work.  I called Karen because I knew she would be up.  All this before 7:00 this morning.  So I am basically driving everyone crazy with my new toy.  I know, most people have had this phone gadget for years, ……but not me.  And there is Nothing more irritating then Konnie with a new toy. 🙂


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