Busy, Busy, Busy

frosty- (1)To quote one of the greatest Christmas Characters ever…..NO not Frosty……Professor Hinkle.  “Busy, busy, busy”.

Our weekend was busy and fun.  We had a great time at my brother Doug’s new home.  The house is beautiful.  As usual, by the time we left, I was having “issues”.  Which means not only do I have a lot to do that I planned for today, I have to do the things I planned to do last evening.

I need to get the house picked up and if not sparkly clean…..at least not gross. 🙂  I have a short list of things to get at the grocery store that I could not get a head of time.  Table to expand and set.  3 or 4 gifts to wrap.  AND I need to have dinner ready by six.

The menu for dinner is ham with brown sugar-honey glaze.  I got the recipe from Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show.  Which means I get to use my new roaster for the first time.  Potato casserole, asparagus, corn, rolls, salad, and Christmas cookies for dessert.  All my kids will be here except Rett who has to work. 😦

I love Christmas.  But as some of you know, this year is very hard.  My two brothers-in-law are very ill.  LL is trying to spend as much time with them this season as possible.  Because I respect both their privacy, I will not give ongoing details about them over the next few weeks and months.  But please keep them in your prayers.  Along with their families and also my dear LL who loves his brothers so much.

I have quite a few pictures piling up in my camera, but today and the next couple days are too busy to go through them and post them.  I will get to them soon.

Have a peaceful, joyful Christmas.  And take some time to remember why we celebrate this holiday.  Not the food, presents, egg nog.  No, it is about Christ, my Savior’s birth.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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