Like pulling a tooth

Ok, I’m going in….I am going in the mad house of stores and shopping.  I know!  It should not be crowded on this Thursday morning, but even in the best situation…..I HATE SHOPPING!  So much so, that LL has said when it comes to shopping and money spending, he hit the lottery for wives.  Oh I fall short as a wife in so many other ways.  But I have always hated shopping.

My mom and sisters can attest to this.  As a child, when my mom would shop, she would have to find me, more times than not, laying underneath a clothes rack somewhere sleeping.  Even now, when my mom or sisters want to shop with me, they need to entice me with LUNCH. 🙂

But I have three gifts to get.  Well four, but one I will get tomorrow when I am with mom at Wal-Mart.  Today, Bailey and I are headed to Salem.  I know exactly one gift I am getting, but the other two, I have no clue.  So hopefully Bailey will help me with this.  Bailey is only slightly better at shopping than I.  She already has my reputation of being a bad shopper.  I think Lunch may definitely be included on our itinerary.

After that, we will high tail it home because Kane and Brantley are spending the afternoon with me.  So the morning might be dismal, but my afternoon should be a joy.


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