Reggie’s Christmas Hairdo

Reggie sure makes life interesting lately.  Yesterday, after taking care of the chickens, water and giving them kitchen scratch.  I came in the house and noticed Reggie did not come in with me.  So I opened the door and called for him.  Called again.  O.k.  He was not coming in.  So I walk out back and noticed he was inside the fenced chicken coop eating the scraps.  Well you can imagine the words I used.  Especially after seeing the chickens huddled in the corner with fear.  How did he get in?  I looked around and low and behold…….a perfect hole made in the chicken wire.  Reggie eats everything.  My christmas tree is decorated now only half way up because he grabs the balls and ornaments, yanks, yanks again until he gets it off and runs around chewing it and teasing me. 😦  He will eat pens, Brantley’s toys, my diapers from the garbage, 😦 anything that should be inedible.  So I am sure he has worked for weeks on the chicken wire.  Kind of reminds me of Shawshank Redemption.  If you don’t know what I mean.  See the movie.  The man planned his escape for years.  So here is my sweet, scrappy, mischievous little scamp’s before and after picture.


Took this through the french door window waiting for him to come inside.  Because getting him to hold still is next to impossible.


Rufus again looked on with sympathy.

60But he did end up smiling for me like beau used to. 😦  🙂

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