Peaceful Easy Feeling

Good Morning.  It has been really rough here for the last couple days.  Of course the shootings, first here in Oregon earlier in the week, then the shooting in Newtown on Friday.  But in personal land here at the Miller house, things have been hard.  Yesterday, LL, Bailey and I visited my brother-in-law Monte at his home.  After such a serious surgery, I was happy to see that he is doing so well.  But LL has another brother looking at cancer in multiple sites and it does not sound good.  He came home from the hospital last night.  He will have to wait a few days for the results on exactly what kind of cancer it is.

LL and I hope to go visit him today.  After that, it is our annual Christmas with my sister Kathy.  The last few times I have seen her, I forgot my camera.  I hope to remember it this time.  I am not sure, but perhaps we will go have dinner together.

Friday night, I went to our town square for a candlelight vigil for the victims of both shootings.  I believe now is a time that everyone needs to set aside differences, gather together and pray.  At the vigil, we had 3 pasters of three very different churches leading us all in prayer.  We sang Amazing Grace.  We cried.  We hugged.  To be honest, as I was walking home from the vigil, cold, dark, Christmas lights lining almost every house on our street, I was very aware of the sense of peace.  The first calm peaceful feeling I have felt ever since Bailey and my brothers-in-law starting going through these health scary issues.  I guess that is what God does best.  He doesn’t always take the pain, fear, etc. away.  But when I reach out to Him, he always gives me peace and security.

So have a very Peaceful Sunday today.

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